Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Infinix-Hot 2-X10 VS Tecno Boom

Infinix-Hot-2-VS-Tecno-Boom-J7Having dug dip to come up with a phone that will match up the specs of the newly launched Infinix Hot 2, we ended up landing on Tecno Boom Boom J7, seeing that it offers the most appropriate phone to be compared with Infinix Hot 2 AKA the Hottest One.

If you will agree with me, these two devices that really match up in specs will end up giving consumers food for thought on which of the to go for.


But in as much as both devices have striking resemblance in specifications, there are some little differences in their core features that still put them apart, and those differences are what we are going to be spotting out in today’s comparison.
The 3 core differences in the features of Infinx Hot 2 and that of Tecno Boom J7 that we were able to come up with today are as follows;
·     The first one that we have singled out is the Operating System, while the new Infinix Hot 2 spots Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, the Tecno Boom J7 runs the Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat OS.

·     Secondly is in their RAM, although the Infinix Hot 2 also has a 1GB RAM version, but the new device is centred towards the version with 2GB RAM whereas Tecno Boom J7 only comes with 1GB RAM

·     The final major difference is in their battery capacity, the Infinix Hot 2 features a 2200mAh battery capacity while Tecno Boom J7 spots 2020mAh.

Now, in as much as it seems from the above differential specs that the newly launched Infinix Hot 2 is higher in specs, but remember that Tecno Boom J7 still holds the trophy for the loudest speaker for music phone it these phone categories.

The pricing for the Infinx Hot 2 is pegged at $100 (N19,500) while that of Tecno Boom J7 is currently selling for $125 (N25,000).
The die has been cast between these devices and the choice is yours to make after reading this
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