Thursday, 3 September 2015

How to Configure SimpleServer to Work with the whole PC

After simple server 2.0 have been released 4 Android, Android users have been able to power up the whole of their phone with It. 
In this post I would be teaching you on how to configure simpleserver with the whole pc
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on tools-----Internet Options--- Connections
3. Click on the name of your modem or connection, if not available move to the next step
4. Click on LAN Settings 
5. You would come over to the bottom area to input your proxy, and its port I.e port: 8080
6. Check the bypass proxy 
7. Click Ok
Then you are good to go.....
All apps on the laptop get their proxy from IE 
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Youtube video of this coming up shortly
This post would be updated 

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